Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Retreats and Activiites at Polli Talu

Polli Talu (literally, "Polly's Farm") is a traditional Estonian farm complex situated near the Baltic Sea, 150 km southwest of the capital city Tallinn, not far from the port town of Virtsu. It consists of five log buildings with thatched roofs made from locally-harvested reeds. The structures date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Here is the schedule for summer 2009:

Dance Workshop for Women
Cornelia Freise (Germany) May 22-24

Kundalini Yoga Intensive
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA) June 13-14

Dancing Beauty and Majesty
Cornelia Freise (Germany) June 26 - July 2

An Evening of Dance for Women July 1
Cornelia Freise (Germany)

International Kundalini Yoga Retreat July 8 - 14
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Delicious Nutrition Wellness Retreat July 30 - August 5
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)
KUNDALINI YOGA Intensive August 15 - 16
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Green Aesthetics Workshop August 21 -23
Awaken your Perception for Natural Beauty
through Tai Chi
Leon Miller (USA/Estonia)

Whole Foods Cooking Intensive Sept. 26 - 27
Marika Blossfeldt (Estonia/USA)

Kundalini Yoga Intensive with sauna Oct 2 - 4

To register for any of these retreats please contact Polli Talu.

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